If you have problems logging in, follow the steps listed below

1. The system doesn't accept your password, or the page freezes when Login is attempted.

1.1. Ensure Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher is being used

a. While in Internet Explorer click on Help at the top of the screen

b. Click on About Windows

c. If you are using Firefox or Netscape, it may not be compatible

d. To update Internet Explorer contact your installer

1.2. Check Internet Explorer Settings

e. While in Internet Explorer click on Tools at the top

f. Click on Internet Options

g. Click on the Connection Tab at the top

h. Click on the LAN Settings button

i. Ensure that none of the boxes have check marks

2. "Page Cannot be displayed" after Login

2.1. Check the privacy set up

a. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools at the top

b. Click on Internet Options

c. Click on the Privacy Tab

d. Put the privacy to MEDIUM

3. Cookies may be blocking the connection — Your company webpage has a
link to Web Access and the page opens in a frame.

3.1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools at the top

3.2. Click on Internet Options

3.3. Click on the Privacy Tab

3.4. Click on the Advance Button

3.5. Put a checkmark in the box "Override Automatic Cookie Handling"

3.6. Ensure that both First & Third party are set to "Accept"

3.7. Put a check mark in the box "Always Allow Session Cookies"

4. Uncheck Automatically detect Settings

4.1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools at the top

4.2. Click on Internet Options

4.3. You will be on the General Tab

4.4. Click on Delete Cookies and click OK

4.5. Click on Delete Files and click OK

4.6. Click on Settings and click on "Automatically"

If you are using the same provider at home and at the office, you may also have the same gateway.
Apparently you can't access another computer's IP with the same gateway. If this is creating a problem
then a proxy solution at the ISP can be assigned and everything should work.
Contact your ISP as Emphasys Software can't help out with this.

If you have changed any setting, close Help by clicking "Close" below and make sure to refesh the screen by clicking "F5" button.